Friday, September 4, 2009

hello im mellow

Hello all! How are u? I hope all of u fine.
How's ur new school freshmen? Myschool is pretty fine. I love 8 instead their teacher staff who gave me a lot of hw! hate it hate it! In my new school i took mandarin class which is so ooo difficult. But i have to struggle ,mandarin is not that so hard(if we practice it offcourse :B ). My new class is X-A ,please dont mean it as a top class or wtv(like my teacher said that do not be too proud abt it ,its just a class same like the other class pheww). My new friends? Wow i have made a lot of friends(but i still miss my SMP friendss). And they're so funny and cool, so it was not too difficult to adapt with my new friends. Abt Boyfriend? Hahahaha!!!! Abt earthquake? Yeaaa many ppl said that it was the most shocking situation. As we know that Jakarta is The center of Indonesia and the ppl have never experienced anysituation like that. I was on spectrum when the earthquake happened. I was studying abt sin cos tan vector bcs the day after it i had an exam. My first impression when the earthquake happened was headache ,really bad headache. Then my friend told me that she feel it too. Then my friend behind me shouted and said "Earthquake! lets move out from here". So i ran and saw a lamp in spectrum's tv room rockin so hard. It was too creepy. I felt like riding kora kora and watch sum doomsday movie nogwaaat. For god sake ,i was so worried and scared. But a minutes later the erathquake stopped and we continued the study phewwww. It was an unforgettable moment!!!! But it was fun (okay....). Okay that's all guys. keep readin my blog kay? love ya buhbye

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